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The best way to order Herbalife products online is through an official Herbalife online store. By clicking to this online store you’ll see an online store that has Free Registration to Shop at Retail, All Herbalife Products Available and All Deliveries come from the Herbalife Warehouse! The Herbalife Categories are listed below. Inside the online store, you can find each category in the top left hand corner of the side menu. You can also just navigate back and forth from this page to the online store to use the direct links below.

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Herbalife Product Categories

Healthy Weight

Finally achieve your ideal weight with our cutting-edge science products to help you slim down or bulk up. Personalize your nutrition program with shakes, snacks and metabolic boosters to help you reach your healthy weight.

Balanced Nutrition

Maintain a well-balanced diet and complement your dietary needs to help you thrive every day. Core Nutrition products will help you consume the nutrients you need daily and kick-start your healthy eating habits. And you can personalize your nutrition program to add more protein, good carb sources, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Energy & Fitness

Beat the afternoon slump or pump up your workout to support your healthy and active lifestyle. Choose from our energetic and hydrating teas, drinks and shakes to provide a boost and replenishment.

Specialized Nutrition

Feel your best and add specialized supplements to help support proper nutrition for any stage of your life. Find the right solution for your individual needs and keep your family’s heart, immune and digestive health prosperous.

Skin & Hair Care

Polish and nourish your skin and hair to let your inner beauty shine through. Customize your daily regimen with any of our hydrating, replenishing, purifying and soothing products.

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